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Meet The Team


Founder, Owner, Lead Artist, Print Supervisor

Brian "Natakue" Saunders

Long time artist, gamer, anime lover and football fanatic! Brian had the dream and the passion to start Midknight Heroes. Today he runs our day to day operations as well as most of our art.  

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Owner, Finances 

Billy Holmes

Billy Holems, long time gamer and good friend. Billy runs the financial aspect of Midknight Hereos and also partnered in another business adventure as well. 

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Partner, Artist

Keiryuu Seo

Keiryuu Seo has been with us from the beginning. Art is the main focus of Keiryuu Seo and he does 20 to 30% of the art for Midknight Hereos. His amazing art has influenced the direction of Midknight Heroes.  

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Chad Profile.png

Owner, Game Designer, Affiliate Manager

Chad "Embrali" Manning

Long time gamer and miniature painter, Chad has been our gamemaster for years. He has helped grow and develop Midknight Heroes from the beginning and is currently developing several games for Midknight Heroes. 

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Partner, Lead Sculptor

Heriberto Valle Martinez

Although not an official part of Midknight Heroes, Heriberto has sculpted the majority of our miniatures based on our artwork. He is also the founder of Marchen Atelier.

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