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Prepare to step into the enchanting realm of Dual Fates, where destiny and strategy intertwine on a 2x2 battlefield. Dual Fates isn't just a game – it's a captivating experience that blends simplicity with depth, offering both newcomers and seasoned players an exhilarating tabletop skirmish adventure.

Elegantly Simple, Deeply Engaging: Dual Fates boasts an ingenious design philosophy: easy to learn, hard to master. The rules are elegantly straightforward, allowing you to dive right into the action. However, it's the characters and units that breathe life into the game's complexity. Each possesses a unique set of abilities that hold the power to reshape the tide of battle, inviting you to craft cunning strategies and unleash unforeseen tactics.

Embark on a Journey of Fate: What sets Dual Fates apart from the rest is its revolutionary Fate system. This ingenious mechanic revolves around the dynamic duo of two six-sided dice. These dice serve as your companions, guiding every facet of the game, from determining the Pillars of Fate's outcome to launching decisive attacks on your rival's units. A symphony of chance and skill, the Fate system infuses each roll with anticipation and excitement, ensuring that every moment is a dicey adventure.

Summon, Strategize, Succeed: In Dual Fates, you're not assembling an army; you're crafting a team of your choosing. As the summoner, you wield the power to call upon characters and companions from the captivating Super Chibi range. This unique approach allows you to curate a diverse and eclectic crew, blending different heroes seamlessly in your quest for victory. Mix and match freely, or delve deep into "Factions" for a more cohesive approach – the choice is yours.

Summoning Pools and Tactical Triumphs: Dual Fates introduces the concept of summoning pools, adding another layer of strategic depth. Navigate the Vortex with your chosen units, but be mindful of your resources. You can only deploy a certain number of units at a time, so wise decisions are crucial. Should a character fall, fret not – the next round allows you to summon reinforcements and reclaim your advantage. With a dynamic interplay between summoning and strategy, every move becomes a chance to secure your triumph.

10 Rounds of Ever-Changing Objectives: In the tapestry of Dual Fates, no two battles are the same. Across ten thrilling rounds, you'll encounter an array of diverse and unpredictable objectives. Complete them to earn precious points, inching closer to victory. This variety ensures that each playthrough feels distinct, fostering adaptability and rewarding strategic acumen.

Anime Aesthetics and Whimsy: Drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of anime, Dual Fates embraces a playful and dynamic art style that captures the essence of chibi characters. Expect moments of laughter and shared delight as you revel in the anime references sprinkled throughout the game. With an average playtime of about an hour and a half, Dual Fates delivers an immersive, fast-paced experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Experience the captivating fusion of simplicity and depth, chance and strategy, in the world of Dual Fates. Are you ready to embrace your destiny and triumph in the Vortex? Unveil your fate and let the skirmish unfold!

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