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Miniature Levels 

Midknight Heroes Miniature Levels

Midknight Heroes miniature level system goes from level 1 to level 4.


*All levels will require clipping of resin support nubs and some light sanding/filing before priming. Also, all miniatures will be required to be washed with warm soapy water before assembling/paint to ensure proper paint adhesion.


Level 1 means there is no parts assemble outside of placing them on their base, it’s just a single cast and all you got to do is glue it to a base.

Level 2 miniatures are the ones that have 1 to 2 parts. They are easy to assemble and go together pretty quick.

Level 3 starts to get into the more complicated miniatures. They have 3 to 5 parts and tends to be in a more dynamic pose and may require pinning or some advance skills putting together.

Level 4 are the most advance miniatures we have and they can have 5 or more parts and are very difficult to assemble. They will require pinning, and advance skills to get them together but the end result will be worth it. 

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