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Unleash the Power of Dual Fates: The Undead Court


Ashura is under siege, and The Undead Court is rising with unprecedented strength! Dark Midknight, their fearsome new general, leads them into battle, and the fate of the living hangs by a thread.


Are you ready to embark on a daring adventure like never before? An epic showdown in a King of the Hill-style like you've never seen!


Defend your position against the relentless hordes of Bone Warriors, Zombies, and the malevolent Dark Midknight herself. Survive 10 grueling rounds, and you emerge victorious. Fail, and you'll be forever enslaved by the Undead Queen.


One summoner will lead the charge, commanding a team of valiant heroes or cunning villains from the Super Chibi Quest Miniature line. You have the freedom to choose any 8 summoning points worth of characters, except Dark Midknight or any part of The Undead Court. Will you bring your own force or accept the challenge with our provided team? The choice is yours!


On the opposing side, another summoner will control The Undead Court. Your mission: storm the hill with ruthless determination, just as any horde would.


The hero's objective? Hold the line for ten relentless rounds. But beware, as Dark Midknight and more powerful Bone Warriors will emerge to test your mettle.


  • This Module introduces the new game mode of Dual Fates, King of the Hill. In this mode, the hero player must survive 10 rounds vs the on-slot of undead, no pillars, no capturing points just survive. The book describes the rules to play the themed module or play your own King of the Hill game using the rules provided. 
  • This is the.PDF version of the rule book and follows the core Dual Fates v0.2.6 and up rules. 

Dual Fates V0.2.6 Module "The Undead Court" [Digital Edition]

SKU: BG00002
  • This product is a digital product and can be used by any program that can view a .pdf.  The .pdf is protected from editing and may be reproduced via printing only for personal use. This product may not be resold or distributed without the consent of Midknight Heroes and is protected under copyright laws. 


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