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Modrar, or as many call him The Tyrant is feard among the dragons of Ashara. As one of the red dragons who by themselves are not known to be "nice" Modrar is considered to be the cruelest and most vicious of them all. He enjoys inflicting pain and despair on his victims and is known to do this just for the fun of it.  But with all this, this creature can still show love even if its not returned. 


Modrar did have a child, a child that he fathered to a dwarven woman named Letty. Of course, she was unaware of who he truly was till the child was born but the sight of that child opened something up that no one would have ever thought could He was banished from the dwarven lands forcing him to watch his son, Tenago, grow up alone without his teaching and guidance. To this day Tenago knows of his father and has a strong distance for him, even if he watching him form afar. 

Super Chibi "Modrar, The Tyrant " [Dragon]

SKU: SC00054
  • Design: Brian "Natakue" Saunders Art: Brian "Natakue" Saunders Sculptor: Heriberto Valle Martinez Level: Level 4 Series: Super Chibi Quest Price: $45.00 Materials: 80mm Resin Miniature Release Date: 9/1/2022 [for 13 and up, not meant for children under 13] Contents: *Model supplied in Box*Model supplied unpainted.

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