Dual Fates faction boxes up for Pre-Order, Super Summer Bonus.

Ok, it's time for Dual Fates. Version 0.2 is around the corner and this will be a big launch for us. This version has seen a TON of changes brought on via the community. The core of the game is still the same but there were some drastic changes. With that was the introduction to fractions. So, we would like to introduce you to the two starting factions for Dual Fates The Wargang Clan and the Dwarven Forge. V0.2 is not set to be released till September (ReaperCon) but we wanted to get the preorders up now so if any of your want to get in on this you can.

Each box will be $45 and you will get all that you need to play Dual Fates in said box. So what do you get in each box?