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Dual Fates faction boxes up for Pre-Order, Super Summer Bonus.

Ok, it's time for Dual Fates. Version 0.2 is around the corner and this will be a big launch for us. This version has seen a TON of changes brought on via the community. The core of the game is still the same but there were some drastic changes. With that was the introduction to fractions. So, we would like to introduce you to the two starting factions for Dual Fates The Wargang Clan and the Dwarven Forge. V0.2 is not set to be released till September (ReaperCon) but we wanted to get the preorders up now so if any of your want to get in on this you can.

Each box will be $45 and you will get all that you need to play Dual Fates in said box. So what do you get in each box?

5-points worth of models to field your starting team x1 summoning totem for your team x1 set of 2d6 x1 unit card for each unit x1 Quick Start Rules for Dual Fates. [More detailed rules in the rulebook] x15 Health Tokens x15 Armor Tokens x15 Fate Tokens

Each box will be a mainstay in the store but this first run will be limited numbers and will come with a special limited card and sticker for this first run.

The v0.2 rule book will launch in September with the updated rules and game modes. Just like before we plan on maintaining these rules and characters via Patreon. The rule book will be in our Pateron in September available to all levels and the book will also be available on our online store as well. Updates to characters and rules will be provided via Patreon first and then distributed to the community after the fact via our online store.

We want to say thank you for your support and we want to make Dual Fates the best it can be. Moving forward we have more of our characters getting ready to make their appearance in Dual Fates as well as partnerships that will see characters outside of the Midknight Heroes range show up in Dual Fates. That's right we have some really cool cross-overs planned and are already in the works.

So if you are ready to jump in the Pre-Order is up and will ship out in September. Note, if you order anything else with these preorders they will not ship till the pre-order is launched. Also, note...yes the Super Summer code will work on these pre-orders.

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