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Essa now up for Pre-order!

Essa the young wizard in the world of Super Chibi Quest is now up for pre-order. Essa is our first miniature of many to be released outside of Kickstarter. She was designed by Brian "Natakue" Saunders and sculpted by Heriberto Valle Martinez. She is scaled 30mm and is a single cast, no parts. Pre-order her now and on 1-28-2019 she will ship.


Essa the granddaughter of the great wizard Elastar has decided to take up the mantle of wizard after the passing of her grandfather, even though she has had no formal training. While she does possess the family trait of a large mana pool in which she can draw upon to cast magic she has no true formal training on how to use it. This fact has not escaped her but what she lacks in training she makes up with spunk. Armed with her grandfather's book of spells and the desire to become something great Essa has set off to become a great wizard just like her grandfather. Does she have what it takes? Only time will tell.

You can get her in our online store by clicking on the menu labeled "products" or you can follow the link here.



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