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Midknight Heroes Black Friday Sale!

Hey, Heroes! Its that time of year. Black Friday is almost here and we decided to get a head start. Starting today till Saturday the 30th of November we will be running our Black Friday sale. This sale is an interesting one since we have never done anything like this before, a buy two get one free sale. All miniatures that we currently have released including any Artisan Guild miniatures we have released so far are in this sale. So get these Chibi while they are hot!

Now, we are sorry but as of right now, Super Chibi Acrylics are not included but we have something planned for them very soon. Also, Ember and Shade Pre-Orders are not part of this.

Use code: MKHBlackFriday at check out to get in on this deal.

Important note. All of our miniatures are Print-On-Demand so please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Most of the time it is MUCH shorter than that but we give our self a two grace period incase we get overrun with a ton of orders.

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