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Midknight Heroes Expansion: Sea Spring Pirates Launched!

Ahoy, fellow adventurers and scallywags! 

Set sail with us on the high seas of creativity and imagination as we chart a course through the choppy waters of our newest Kickstarter: Midknight Heroes Expansion: Sea Spring Pirates!

This swashbuckling adventure introduces three brand-new miniatures that'll shiver your timbers and steal your heart! With two never-before-seen characters joining the fray, and a whole crew of pirate-themed stretch goals waiting to be unlocked, there's no shortage of treasures to plunder.


But hold fast, me hearties! The real treasure lies in the choice ye make. Will ye opt for the ethereal .STL format, allowing ye to conjure these buccaneers from the digital depths? Or be ye a true corsair, seeking tangible booty with our physical 3D prints?


Our journey has just begun, and the winds of fortune blow in our favor. With your support, we'll hoist the Jolly Roger high and unlock all manner of booty, from cannon-wielding captains to mysterious sea creatures lurking beneath the waves.


So splice the mainbrace, gather your crew, and join us on this grand adventure! Together, we'll make waves in the world of tabletop gaming like never before. Arrr! 


You can ye treasure HERE!


Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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