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ReaperCon 2018 is a WRAP!

ReaperCon came and went. This year was an amazing con and we meet so many awesome people this year. We learned a lot about our line as well. We learned how popular we have become not just in the Chibi community and what people want to see when it comes to our Chibi. It has caused us to really think about what comes next with us in a very good way. So be on the look out for changes soon to Midknight Heroes. These changes will be a reflection of a direction that Midknight herself has shed light on and will guiding us down. Trust us, this is going to be amazing and yes TONS of chibi will flow. :)

So now lets show off a few pictures of our booth this year at ReaperCon. Now I know you want to see pictures of the full con but trust me we were so busy all 4 days we did not have much time to take pictures.


Special thanks to Garith Pipkorn for the Painted Midknight Bust and Takata.

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