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Sakura 70mm Collectors Mini now up for pre-order.


OK, Heroes its time for something a little different. Different how you ask. Well we are going to start a new collectors line and the first miniature in that line is our 70mm Sakura. Yep, that's right 70mm scale. The miniatures in the new collectors line are meant for collectors and painter, they are not intended to be in any game.

Another thing different from them out side of being 70mm scale is they are not cast in resin, they are 3d printed and printed on demand. They are printed on an FDM printer and printed at a very HIGH detail. They will require some sanding but not much and if you use a filler primer sanding will be very small.

So why 3d printed?

Well, It's to test the waters if we are honest. Casting in 70mm resin is expensive and before we dive into that area for these 70mm minis we want to see if this is something you heroes will want to see. We would not do this if the print quality was not there, and trust us when we say... its there. So right now we are in the pre-order stage to see how many we need to print off and if we get positive numbers we will do more of our minis in 70mm for collectors. 70mm Sakura is set to release on 4-15-2019 so if you want a copy now is the time.

So thank you all and give us some feed back on this.


Note you may see a new icon on the picture, an L2 in blue. That is our new Levle system and we will talk avout this more in detail later this week.

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