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Super Summer 2021 Starts NOW!!

Hey heroes, our second annual Super Summer starts now!

What does that mean? Well, fr starters a new miniature each month of summer in our Super Chibi Box Patreon. We will have a new mini in June, July, and August for you all in the Super Chibi Box.

We will also be having a summer-long sale. Use the code SuperSummer2021 (case sensitive) for 15% off your entire order. Keep an eye out for Super Weekend as well. It's a full weekend with our supported streamers where you get to hang out with them and watch them paint some amazing chibi. Oh and even bigger sales during that weekend too. It's awesome! Super Weekend will be July 16th - 18th.

This Summer our theme is S.E.E.D. Strikes back. Yeah, a funny little play on words there I guess. But, what that means is each month we will be releasing new SD Mecha we call S.E.E.D.s. These cute guys are 55mm in size and are all Level 3 miniature. Meaning they come in multiple parts. Artimus will be in our June Box and go on Pre-Order in July then ship at the end of July.

We want to start off June with a bang so we are going to release Artimus the Order artillery S.E.E.D. Artimus was built at the same time and at the same facility Bomdardmet was made and progressed in their program and military function at the same time. They became very good friends but when the S.E.E.D. war began Artimus found his friends consumed by the Discord programming and watched him become something much darker. Bombardment would go on to become one of the more feared Discord S.E.E.D.s and would battle Artmius many times. Artimus to this day has a hard time fighting against his once close friend but if need be he will.

We hope you enjoy your summer and let's make it SUPER!

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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