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Amidst the tapestry of the enigmatic World of Ashura, a guild stands as a pillar of knowledge and control, a guiding light amidst the mystic currents of magic. They are known as The Mage Guild, an institution that weaves the intricate threads of power into a harmonious whole.

In this realm where guilds reign supreme and magic courses through the avatars of Dark, Grey, and Light, one must navigate the labyrinthine paths of arcane arts with utmost care. The Mage Guild takes center stage, a beacon of wisdom and discipline for those who seek to harness the limitless potential of their magic. For in Ashura, even as magic is a gift from the avatars themselves, wielding it demands responsibility and understanding.

The Mage Guild is the arbiter of these arcane truths. With their watchful eyes, they ensure that every wielder of magic, from the celestial blessings to the shadowy incantations, wields their power with precision and purpose. The guild stands as a bastion of instruction, imparting the knowledge needed to master the intricacies of magic. Be it spells that shape reality or incantations that manipulate the threads of fate, all magic finds its place under their vast and encompassing umbrella.

At the helm of The Mage Guild is the enigmatic and powerful Esmerrelda. A master of the elusive wind blade magic, she wields a rare and awe-inspiring power. Through the art of the Pathwalker, she sculpts ethereal blades of wind, a dance of steel and air that holds dominion over the very tempests. Her mastery over this arcane discipline stands as a testament to her authority and prowess, commanding both respect and reverence from those who follow the path of magic.

Becoming a mage within The Mage Guild is a mark of distinction. It grants access to resources, knowledge, and camaraderie that outsiders cannot fathom. In a realm where unlicensed magic can be deemed illegal and chaotic, the guild offers a sanctuary for those who seek to refine their talents under a watchful eye.

As The Mage Guild continues to be the beacon of magical wisdom in the realm of Ashura, their influence touches every aspect of life, binding the threads of power and knowledge into an intricate tapestry that weaves its way through the very essence of the world.

Super Chibi Mage Guild - Essa
Character Bio

The young and very power wizard Essa is new to the world of magic but with the help of her teacher Orin and her grandfathers old spell book she just may have what it take to be the best. 

Character Bio

The Stone Elf's of Na'mear have long been known to suppress their emotions. This is the same for Krystal. With her friend, Ali she is able to keep her emotions in check and use her magic to its full potential.

Super Chibi Mage Guild - Krystal




Super Chibi Mage Guild - Orin
Character Bio

Once a priest of the order of light Orin chose to walk away from his priestly duties to train his good friends granddaughter, Essa. 


Character Bio

Nona was a Uni that was orphaned while she was a youngling. Being a Uni who themselves have strong connections to the elements, she was taken in by a human woman to train and focus her skills in the arts of Mist. And just like all Uni she was given her name by the human that trained her...her name. On her death bed she Gave her her name, Nona. 

Super Chibi Mage Guild - Nona


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