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Deep in the heart of the vast and rugged realm of Ashura, a clan of formidable orcs known as the Warfang stands as an indomitable force. Masters of the untamed and fierce, they have forged a deep bond with a breed of wolf-like creatures known as worgs.

These worgs, towering and muscular, surpass the size of ordinary wolves, yet share some of their defining characteristics. Their fur, as dark as the depths of the night, bristles with an otherworldly intensity. Possessing a predatory cunning and an insatiable appetite for aggression, these worgs strike fear into the hearts of their foes.

Among the Warfang, one name echoes through the lands, instilling dread and admiration alike—Grog, the legendary worg trainer. Mounted upon the mighty worg named Timber, whose menacing presence rivals that of ancient giants, Grog is a figure both feared and respected. In the chaos of battle, Grog's skill as a rider is matched only by his mastery of commanding multiple worgs, a spectacle that engulfs the battlefield in a tempest of fangs and claws.

The Warfang clan, however, does not rely solely on their swift and deadly worg riders. Within their ranks, a breed of Orc barbarians roams, their muscular forms embodying brute strength and unyielding ferocity. With weapons honed and muscles flexed, they charge into battle with the thunderous force of an approaching storm, their war cries shaking the very foundations of the earth.

Yet, the Warfang are not only warriors but also bearers of ancient wisdom. Deep within their clan, powerful Orc shamans commune with the spirits of the land, wielding primal magic that resonates with the untamed forces of nature. Their connection to the spiritual realm grants the Warfang an insight into the mystic arts, empowering their warriors and bolstering their resilience in the face of adversity.

Nestled just beyond the fringes of the ominous Shadespire forest, the Warfang call Ashura their home. This proximity to the realm of the enigmatic forest elves has drawn the ire of these ethereal guardians. The clash between the orcish horde and the forest elves echoes through the dense foliage, a symphony of ancient rivalries and territorial disputes.

Within the darkened woods and sprawling landscapes of Ashura, the Warfang clan emerges as a force to be reckoned with. As they ride their towering worgs, embodying strength, agility, and unbridled savagery, they leave an indelible mark upon the annals of history, forever etching their legacy as the epitome of orcish might and tenacity.

Super Chibi Warfang - Grog & Timber

Grog & Timber

Character Bio

Grog does not like to fight, he would prefer to spend his days with his worgs, namely Timber but, when the time comes he will do what is needed and fight to protect his people and his worgs. That to him is what a worg master is.

Character Bio
Super Chibi Warfang - Ember

Ember, the ring leader of the pack. She runs all the worgs. They follow her lead and she follows Grog, she is loyal and will protect her pack till her dying breath.


Super Chibi Warfang - Ash
Character Bio

As part of the main three, under grogs control, ash is the cunning and trickster of the group. She gets a kick out of playing with her prey.

Super Chibi Warfang - Shade
Character Bio

As his name applies he’s a little shady and dark. Shade is one that you have to keep you eye on at all times as he will do his own thing. This make him hard to control at times but in the end he always comes around. 




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